The Experience API (Tin Can) will offer an enriched learning experience for learners. By taking away many of the technical restrictions of past technologies, content providers will be able to create more diverse activities in a wider variety of formats and mediums.

Team-based and collaborative learning

In the past, technology restrictions meant learners had to take eLearning courses individually without the possibility of collaboration from trainers or other learners. The Experience API (Tin Can) now makes collaborative learning possible by lifting these restrictions and providing a means for tracking team-based learning.

It’s entirely possible to produce an eLearning course that allows groups of learners to undertake the training program in conjunction over a network.

The learners could then collaborate on activities together, sharing information and learning from each other. Furthermore, trainers could then enter the course themselves and comment on learner progress or leave feedback in realtime.

Offline and mobile learning

Whilst mobile learning has been possible in the past by logging into a Learning Management System with your phone’s browser, the Experience API (Tin Can) makes it possible to provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience for learners by developing native mobile or tablet apps that can track data directly.

Native apps can offer richer and enhanced functionality not possible through the browser, they can even work when an internet connection isn’t available.

When it comes to eLearning, the requirement of a persistent internet connection is a deal breaker for some organisations. Learners may be on the road or in a remote location where the connection is poor. Fortunately, the Experience API (Tin Can) makes offline learning possible by providing a means to store data locally then communicate it back automatically when a connection becomes available. Even if this isn’t an issue, richer content can be delivered offline such as interactive 3D simulations or high-definition video content.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this functionality right away, the Clear View Learning Record Store provides a destination for Experience API activities and mobile apps to send their data. Clear View can then analyse and generate detailed and visually stunning reports on all this data so your training programs can be both practical and effective.