Clear has been built on top of the Experience API (Tin Can). It doesn’t just support it, it’s the embodiment of the technology. The eLearning industry refers to this as a Learning Record Store (LRS) but this is just one aspect of what we have built. Clear removes the obscurity from all that is eLearning and places the information right at the user’s fingertips.

Tracking data

Your learning activities can store a lot of data but this is a hard thing to digest. How do you know what information is important? Which statements relate to each other?

Clear View removes the murkiness around large volumes of statements and builds a clear picture of the history and relationships of your learners’ activities.

Offline & mobile learning

In this modern age, learners want the ability to access their training resources from a variety of different platforms. Clear is building a mobile app that will allow learners to access eLearning from their mobile device or tablet.

In addition to this, it will also keep track of each learner’s progress even if an internet connection isn’t available, meaning training can be undertaken from remote locations and at the learner’s convenience.

Moodle integration

With over 70,000 registered instances, Moodle is one of the leading LMS platforms worldwide. Moodle can support the Experience API (Tin Can) via a downloadable plugin that integrates seamlessly with Clear View.

All of the benefits of the XAPI (Tin Can) and Clear can be accessed right from the Moodle interface, in fact, the two systems are so tightly integrated that much of Moodle’s core data is converted to the new standard so Clear can report on it all.

Endless possibilities…

There are many different ways that the XAPI (Tin Can) can be utilised and we’ve barely even scratched the surface of all the different possibilities. If you have a specific problem that you want solved then contact us and we’ll work with you to make solving that problem a reality. Be it integration with an existing system, adapting an old eLearning course, or tracking data from an external source. We’re experts in this technology and are yet to encounter a problem we can’t solve.

Contact us now if you’d like to discuss possibilities.