The eLearning industry is undergoing a revolution right now. This may sound overly dramatic but it’s by no means an exaggeration, in fact, it’s bigger than that because the Experience API is a technology that will facilitate expansion into a larger and more diverse range of industries. Don’t believe it? Just read the information on this website and we’ll explain why it’s a big deal…

What’s Experience API?

The Experience API (XAPI) is an ADL-approved standard that aims to improve the current state of eLearning and solve many of its flaws.

ADL are the governing body behind SCORM and they’re promoting the Experience API as the “next generation of SCORM”.

Before the Experience API there was SCORM, SCORM was great because it provided a way for eLearning content to run on multiple learning platforms and track a learner’s progress.

The XAPI on the other hand, can run anywhere and track anything, and this means it’s not just suited for eLearning, it may have started there but we still have only the vaguest notions of where it will end.

We have great ideas, we hope to create a universal learning network that everyone can benefit from.

What’s Tin Can API?

The Tin Can API is the specification and technology that has been developed to satisfy the goals of the Experience API. Semantics aside, they refer to the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

This website aims to discuss and highlight the benefits of the Experience API (Tin Can) as a whole so the difference is unimportant.

If you’re using Tin Can, you already have access to all the benefits of the XAPI and you’re on the right track to improving the training and education industry.